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Whether you are going through a divorce or are accused of criminal charges, the Florida legal system can be intimidating and stress inducing. With so much on your mind, an experienced attorney can provide you with the advice and solutions to assert your legal options and protect your rights. When legal disputes disrupt your personal life, Mary Ann Patti, LLC in Pensacola helps you protect what is important.

During more than 18 years of legal practice, attorney Mary Ann’s Patti's results, professionalism and integrity have earned her recognition among practicing lawyers and judges. Our firm’s client referrals are a testament to both the positive results she has achieved and her clients’ satisfaction with her level of service.

A strong and active member of the Pensacola community

Mary Ann’s knowledge of and connection with the people who call Pensacola home is unparalleled. Her family owns Joe Patti’s Seafood, the largest locally owned and operated seafood company in the Panhandle, established by her grandparents in Pensacola in 1935.

Mary Ann’s solid sense of duty and commitment to the legal profession and her community has won her national recognition. She appeared on NBC’s The Ed Show to discuss the effects of the BP oil spill, a disaster that affected many fishermen, oystermen and seafood distributors in the area. She served as co-counsel during Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Echsner & Proctor, P.A.’s class action on behalf of the plaintiffs affected by the BP oil spill.

A Florida lawyer with a reputation for providing clients what they value

Headed by a family law attorney and former felony prosecutor, our firm inspires confidence, empowerment and peace of mind. Our clients turn to us because of our adherence to professional standards of ethics and for our exceptional legal skills that produce effective solutions.

  • Adherence to personal and professional standards — Mary Ann’s success is built on a foundation of exceeding client expectations. She has developed a strong reputation as an assertive advocate who vigorously represents clients while maintaining solid respect among her colleagues, the judiciary and her clients.
  • Extensive experience — Mary Ann’s experience includes serving as the law clerk for Levin, Middlebrooks, Mabie, Thomas, Mays and Mitchell. During her last year in law school, she served a legal internship with the Legal Aid Society of Birmingham, Alabama and a judicial externship with Judge H.O. (Pete) Johnson, Jefferson County District Court in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • A former felony prosecutor — From 1994 through 1997, Mary Ann was a prosecutor in both the misdemeanor and felony divisions at the State Attorney's Office. As a former prosecutor, she brings extensive trial experience to every case and has a strong sense of how juries respond to different types of evidence.
  • Friendly and confidential support —Mary Ann is more than your attorney. She is dedicated to serving as your trusted confidante during difficult times. We are committed to offering our clients open and responsive lines of communication throughout their cases.

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